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Product description

The chopping board is a bamboo cutting board surrounded by trays and containers that help you easily remove, discard and organize your ingredients. There's even an optional mounting bracket that you can mount on your cutting board to hold your tablet or smartphone so you can easily read recipes and instructions when you're ready to eat.


The Style3 chopping board can be matched an integrated stand that slides in and out of the wood, so you can place a container to hold things or discard them. The trays also come out from the top of the cutting board, point to where the ingredients can be placed, and then cut to make them accessible.



To use it, simply place the cutting board on the edge or corner of the counter and let the container hang on the edge. When you cut and diced onions or peppers, simply put the good things in one container and then push the waste into another container. You can then put and remove each ingredient from the container, or mix them all together if it doesn't matter.

Frankfurter-Brett Phoenix-S砧板工作台 - 带抽屉的切菜板

The unique chopping table can be customized entirely from wood, steel brackets and containers, and you can even engrave it using the name, company name or anything else.